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Shiva said:
I willannounce the birth of Chhinnamasta, who is also Kalika and Tara.
Previously, on the summit of Kailasa, the God of Gods, Maheshvara (149),
[only] mentioned the birth of Chhinna, about Maheshani, but [in detail] did not clarify.
Parvati said:
The whole truth of her nature, O Maheshwara, (150)
Tell me, O Mahadeva, and how she came into the world.
After listening to her words, the Supreme Lord smiled (151)
and told about the good birth of Chinna.
The Blessed Mahadeva said:
O Goddess of great destiny, hear of the auspicious birth of Chinna. (152)
Once upon a time in the yuga of the gods, O Devi, on Kailasa, the best of the mountains,
With me, Mahamaya tasted the delights of love. (153)
Climbing on top of me, she enjoyed the reverse position ,
And while I was ejaculating, she took on a formidable form. (154)
When my seed erupted and she walked away,
Then two of her friends were born. (155)
From her body, two shaktis were born, bestowing good,
Dakini and Varnini, [for] the Goddess embraces all shakti. (156)
Having found two friends, a very lucky and formidable Goddess
For the good of the righteous and the destruction of sinners (157)
Went to the river Bank Puspalata , fierce lady,
And there, at dawn, she began to perform ablution. (158)
Varnini and Dakini also bathed in that river
And at midday they were hungry (159)
And Chandika was asked to: "Get food [for us]!"
Hearing their words, the good Chandika smiled (160)
and, looking in all directions, blew her head off.
With a stream of blood flowing from the left, she sated the Dakini, (161) On the
right – Varnini-she gave the goddess her own blood to drink,
And with a stream of blood from the base of the neck, she satisfied her head. (162)
After playing such a game, she came home in the evening twilight,
Returning his own head to the decapitated body, O Parvati-[goddess]. (163)
Once again assuming the form by which she was known before,
She turned pale, and noticing this pallor, Shiva spoke a word. (164)
The blessed Siva said:
Listen, O Goddess, Mahamaya, Chandi, who is of formidable power,
Who are these two [women] who came with you to my abode? (165)
Why are you pale, tell me, and where were you in the morning?
Brahma or Vishnu or other gods or Gandharvas, O Maheshwari, (166)
Who kidnapped you, tell me the story.
[The goddess said:]
Brahma or Vishnu or Rudra or gandharva, O Maheshwara, (167)
Which one of them can kidnap me? On Pushpanjali I was.
Blessed Shiva said:
Having left me, O Lady of the gods, why did you go to Pushpabhadra, (168)
And what kind of work did you do there, tell me the story.
Why did you turn pale, give me the reason. (169)
Sri Chandri said:
Born on the day of the hero's Night, at the end of the day, the highest kala ,
Together with two friends, O Lord of the Gods, I went to Pushpabhadra, (170)
O Shankara, and with them I played in the water.
At midday, my friends were hungry, (171)
And for drink, oh Shankara, I was begged by them,
I cut off my head and gave them an excellent drink. (172)
After feeding the blood to my friends, I returned,
And at that moment, oh my God, I, the beauty, turned pale. (173)

Śaktisaṃgama-tantra. IV.5.149-173. Transl. by Irina Atkinson.


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