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Present women with flowers!

It is known that flowers in Hinduism are used as ornaments and offerings to deities, but in Tantra these beautiful gifts of nature find their special and very diverse use. The most favorite Tantric flower is the hibiscus, or Chinese rose (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis). This red flower resembles the womb of a Goddess. In Tantric texts, there are other flowers used in the worship of deities (in Brahma-Yamal, a special chapter is devoted to this topic – the 16th). For example, in the Brihannila tantra (5.7,11), The arches of flowers, sycamore and white aparajita are mentioned. It is forbidden to use tulasi flowers (8.95). Madhuka flowers are used to make a strong heady drink used in the ritual (Brihannila tantra 5.23). In Shaktisangama tantra, it is said that during maithuna, the sadhaka must perform homa with the flowers of the plane tree, and then he will become the embodiment of Kali herself (IV.4.121-122). In addition, in the same tantra (IV.4.106-117), flowers are used as a substitute (anukalpa) for sacrifices (balidāna). According to N. Bhattacharya, in the right-hand Tantra, the presentation of aparajita flowers also serves as a substitute for maithuna. Flowers find their place even in naming: the initiate then throws a flower or flower garland (pupapa-pāta) on the mandala, and the name of the mantra associated with the part of the mandala on which the flower or garland falls will become the first element of the name. Finally, flowers, primarily of red color, serve as an offering to a woman and yoni (Brihannila tantra 6.341; 7.1.; Yoni Tantra 1.15; 7.32, etc.). Thus, every man who presents flowers to his beloved or just to a woman becomes a kind of "unconscious" tantric.


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