Санскрит, индуизм, тантра (devibhakta) wrote,
Санскрит, индуизм, тантра

Tantra and the world

In Tantrism, the universe is perceived not as a "vale of sorrow" or an illusion, but as a radiant, full of colors, life and play the manifestation of Shakti. Tantra does not divide the world into "high" and "low", "spiritual" and "material" (note that for the well-worn word "spirituality" in Sanskrit there is no analogue). Tantric gurus do not give tedious moralistic lectures. Tantrics do not struggle with their passions, do not suppress anything and do not cover up. Passions are perceived as a natural manifestation, and their energy is used by Tantra followers in their ritual and mystical practice-sadhana. The body itself becomes a powerful tool. "The gods are envious of humans because humans have a body." In principle, any action can be sanctified and become part of the practice. For example, the Shaktisangama Tantra describes how a male sadhaka, chanting a mantra, watches his shakti as she sits on a swing, bathes, laughs or sleeps, and this is also a tantric sadhana! And Liberation becomes not an escape, but the attainment of supernatural power and immortality in this world.

Transl. by Irina Atkinson


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