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Мои заметки стали переводиться на английский :)

Tantra is completely alien to somatophobia (fear of the body), inherent in ascetic and world-denying currents, for its adherents the body is not just a mortal shell, but a powerful tool. The key to the mysteries of the universe must be found in the body. According to the tantric maxim, what is not contained in the body is not present in the universe. Almost all aspects of the Tantra world can be viewed from the angle of the body. In Stella Dupuis ' book Yogini Temples in India, a tantric mentor says that the gods envy a human because he has a body. The body is a "living rite", a temple in which all possibilities are opened, and the cosmos is inside the body. In the body represented the sacred geography. "Here, in my body, are the Ganges and Yamuna, < ... > Prayag and Benares < ... > here are all the holy places. I have never seen a place of pilgrimage and bliss comparable to my body, " tantrik Saraha said in the twelfth century. Thus, the ancient idea of the parallelism of the macrocosm and the microcosm is manifested in Tantra.

Transl. by Irina Atkinson


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