September 10th, 2020


Слово "йогини" весьма многозначно. Апте дает такие значения этого слова: 1) a female magician, witch, sorceress, fairy; 2) a female devotee; 3) N. of class of female attendants on Shiva, or Durga (they are usually said to be eight). Еще больше информации мы можем отыскать в словаре Моньер-Вильямса: a female demon or any being endowed with magical power, a fairy, witch, sorceress (represented as eight in number and as created by Durga and attendant on her on Shiva; sometimes 60, 64, or 65 are enumerated, N. of Durga; (with Tantricas) a partic Shakti; (with Buddhists) a woman representing any goddess who is the object of adoration. Collapse )