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(Moscow, October 6-7, 2009)

Co-organized by:
Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) and
Institute of Oriental Studies (IOS), Russian Academy of Sciences(RAS)

October 6.
First (Inaugural) session – 10.30 AM.
Chair – Dr Tatyana Shaumian, Head, Centre for Indian Studies, IOS
Welcome address by Prof. V. M. Alpatov, Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences.
Welcome address by Prof. Javeed Alam, Chairman, ICSSR.
Second session
Chairs: T. C. A. Anant, V. M. Alpatov
Prof. Javeed Alam, Chairman, ICSSR
An overview of social science in India
Prof. S. P. Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Social science studies in India in the age of globalization: problems and prospects
Prof. V. A. Mansurov, Institute of Sociology, RAS
Intelligentsia and professions: Russian and Western approaches
Lunch: 14.00 – 15.00-
Third session – 15.00
Chairs: Javeed Alam, R. B. Rybakov
Academician V. S. Myasnikov, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Historical education and historical research
Dr E. Yu. Karachkova, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Modern historical myth-making: some aspects
Prof. V. A. Shnirelman, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS
Rebirth of the Aryanism, or why the Aryan idea is popular by the 21st century
Tea/Coffee break
Fourth session
Chairs: S. P. Singh, V. A. Shnirelman
Prof. V. M. Alpatov, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Language and culture in the globalization epoch
Prof. Abhai Maurya, English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad
Social dimensions of literary mutuality between India and Russia
Prof. R. B. Rybakov, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Religious studies in the globalization epoch
October 7
Fifth session – 10.30
Chairs: Abhai Maurya, Prof. F.N. Yurlov (Institute of Oriental Studies)
Prof. T.C.A. Anant., Delhi School of Economics
Institutional Structures in Social Science Research
Dr. Ranjit Sinha, Member Secretary, ICSSR,
and Dr. K. N. Jehangir, Consultant, ICSSR,
Role of ICSSR in the promotion of Social Science in India
Prof. V. I. Mukomel, Institute of Sociology, RAS
Xenophobia and the problems of socio-cultural integration of the Russian society
Tea/Coffee break
Sixth session
Chairs: K. N. Jehangir, V. I. Mukomel
Prof. Surinder Jodhka, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Changing Modes of Social Science Inquiry in India
Prof. A. V. Akimov, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Economics and constructive approach to economic crisis
Lunch: 14.00 – 15.00
Seventh session
Chairs: Surinder Jodhka, A. V. Akimov
Dr I. V. Deryugina, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Economic theories in Russia: from Marxism to Neo-Keynesianism
Prof. V. G. Rastyannikov, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Theories for studying agricultural economics: past and present
Dr E. N. Komarov, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS
Studying democratization: the explanation and criticism of the present and prediction of the future: the case of India and Russia
Tea/Coffee Break
Eighth session (closing of the seminar)
Chair – Ranjit Sinha
Open discussion on the seminar and perspectives of future cooperation

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